Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sail through this to that

isaac is off on a kayaking/island living adventure this week with his school's freshman class. mark dropped him off this morning at the maine state pier, where we will pick him up friday evening. i predict he'll be wet and dirty.

he had kind of a terrible conflict, though; a few of his short films are going to be included in rated local, a screening of short works by maine filmmakers at the nickelodeon on wednesday. you know what's great? rippleffect, which is running the trip, is going to bring him back by boat on wednesday evening in time to get to the screening, and then pick him up again on thursday morning, so he'll hardly miss any time on the island!

here, you can watch the trailer -- look for a glimpse of isaac in a rabbit costume (sans head), getting shot while wielding a knife:

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