Thursday, September 09, 2010

cheap date

zoë and i decided to check out whaddapita! today (oh how i hate the name. i can barely even stand to type it i hate it so much*), purely on the basis of its proximity to our oakdale 'hood and the fact that i had reason to believe that there were under-five-dollar options to be had there.

it was true: zoë chose the zucchini vegetarian pita sandwich and i got the feta version. they are small-to-medium-sized pita wraps and they cost a mere $3.95. i did observe other diners buying two for lunch, and if you were really hungry you might want more than one (or perhaps a side order of fries or fritters or dolmades), but we thought they were kind of the perfect size. the pita bread is not grocery store pita, nor is it authentic homemade pita, but it is soft and puffy and pretty tasty. the vegetarian sandwiches are stuffed with zucchini fritters (or feta), tomatoes, red onion, creamy sauce and french fries. the only vegan options that i could see were a hummus pita sandwich or (for an extra dollar, for some reason) hummus with grilled pita bread. though i bet you could order one of the saucy wraps without the sauce (which i'm guessing involves yogurt).

it was nice to sit outside, even beside not-so-lovely forest avenue, and i was happy for the many usm students i spotted there, as there aren't too many options for interesting food close to the portland campus. there were many friendly people working there (nine that i could see, which seemed like about five too many). i am happy to have another five-dollars-and-under meal option to add to my (short) list. and they're open until ten p.m. every day!

*and can someone explain to me why their website's domain is ""?


Logical Libby said...

Maybe it's not zucchini inside, but puppy...

Liz Woodbury said...

yum! puppy!

unemployed negativity said...

I am really glad that you and Zoë tried this place. I have been tempted to try it, but the name has repulsed me like garlic to a vampire. USM really needs places nearby to eat, and I will now check it out.

They don't make you say the name, do they?

That particular locale is a wee bit cursed. Three restaurants have come and gone in the last few year.

Libbytown said...

I know, wtf is up with the name. I don't even get it, is it a joke? I don't get it. And whoa, didn't know about the web address, what the?