Monday, August 30, 2010

your sudden adventures, or strange, or sweet

ah, the last dreamy summery days. summer has dropped back in for a visit after a couple of cool weeks, which included chilly nights and cold rain and an earlier and earlier sunset. so now it's hot again, but the light is different, and so is the traffic -- usm is back in session (zoë starts auditing a philosophy class there tomorrow, and isaac starts at the learning shack a week from tomorrow).

in this end-of-summer frame of mind, i've been

reading: mysteries, everything by ruth rendell i can get my hands on
drinking: iced coffee with maple syrup and soy cream
watching: treme, david simon's latest series for hbo, about post-katrina new orleans
listening to: modern-old timey new orleans jazz, like this. also, zoë playing her banjo with isaac on harmonica
eating: sandwiches, of all sorts. i'm especially loving spelt right bagels piled with veggies and tofurkey.
smelling: you know what? i LOVE the smell of fresh, hot tar, and i have had the opportunity to smell a lot of it lately
craving: a trip to the middle of nowhere for a while. or just somewhere other than home, you know? mark and i have a big anniversary coming up, and i think we're going to get to go to mount desert island, finally!

also, i've been sewing (including some things for my own amusement, which maybe i'll show you some day), painting (the front and back porches), sighting celebrities (julie!), staying up too late and sleeping in like crazy, listening to bbc radio (including gardening shows and shows about birds, anything just to hear adorable accents), taking long walks, videotaping my dog doing boring things, getting together with friends (emily, i wish you had a blog to link to right here, because it would be such an awesome blog) and meditating.


erin said...

I can't believe the summer has come to an end! Well, at least school wise it's's still 90 degrees out weather wise!

I was just on a Ruth Rendell kick too. Weird.

I think so far I like A Sight for Sore Eyes the best. I was really really into that one.

Liz Woodbury said...

love ruth rendell. and she wrote so many books! and if you run out of ruth rendell, there's always barbara vine (a.k.a. ruth rendell).

Julie Falatko said...

Ha! YOU'RE the celebrity!

Liz Woodbury said...