Sunday, August 29, 2010

ladies and serial killers

it was just that kind of day yesterday: strolling through town with the checkout girl and ms. a in the morning, and then watching our house get transformed into a movie set at night.

the ladies and i met up at picnic, where we visited meg and jen at their gorgeous table and wandered around appreciating (but in my case, not purchasing) the crafty wares.

annabelle found a cute brown corduroy hat that suited her perfectly.

and on the way home we dipped our feet in the icy cold water at the deering oaks wading pool.

later, allen came over with his crew and equipment and filmed some scary scenes, including isaac getting murdered in zoƫ's bed by jackie. spooky!

our bloody makeup skills came in handy on kristina's head, too.

a serial killer in the living room.

at the end of the night, isaac got a chance to play with the steadicam!

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