Monday, July 12, 2010

big it up

vegenaise + sriracha = an unholy alliance. also, utterly delicious. i recommend making a boatload of vegetable sushi with this spicy sauce inside, like i did last night, and then inviting some fun people over to eat it with you.

afterward, you might want to try playing 1000 blank white cards, which we did not invent (unlike the aforementioned spicy sauce). it involves a constantly evolving deck of homemade cards. they might tell you to do a dance, act out a scene, eat something, make a noise, or - perhaps - cut off a chunk of your hair and glue it to your chin to make a homemade goatee.

or, possibly, let your brother draw a tattoo of his choosing on your body with a sharpie.

some members of our party had to leave early, thereby missing a pretty awesome game of foursquare. the dancer got the hang of it fast.

jill's feet, isaac's feet.

foursquare, jill style.

meanwhile, zoƫ and artemis waltzed on the playground.

a thing of beauty is a joy for ever:/its loveliness increases; it will never/pass into nothingness...

 and also, here is something artemis and i have in common.


Logical Libby said...

LOVE IT! Love the sauce, love the game, love that you play foursquare! I didn't think anyone still played that!

erin said...

I'm going to have to make up that sauce IMMEDIATELY and then dip everything that's into my fridge into it.

(I put a little lemon in mine)