Friday, June 04, 2010

she did it

she graduated. i cried, but only a little bit. i neglected to take any photos at all, but mark took some which we'll upload to flickr soon. i did snap this picture of zoë and max's graduation gowns hanging cutely on the wall.

the ceremony was wonderful. their entire class spent the night at project graduation playing games and making tie-dyed t-shirts and eating food. i picked these two up at six a.m. and they mostly slept all day, with a lovely break in the middle to eat lunch with my mom and dad at green elephant.

again, i missed a great photo op near the end of the meal, when they both looked like they were about to fall asleep with their heads on the table.


Max said...


Danni said...

Congrats to the grads!

holly kellogg said...

congratulations to zoe and max! wonderful!

allisonmaranz said...

oh wow. I guess graduation really did happen already??? (Where have I been?) BIG congratulations to Zoe. I am having a hard time believing time is going so fast...hope you guys are well.