Monday, June 07, 2010

various things that happened on friday

at some point, there were zombie hunters in my kitchen.

zoë, mark and i went to the library, where she got some books about learning hindi, complete with helpful travel phrases.

i was going to get this book for minnow, but then i saw it was for people.

the main event at the library was isaac's eighth grade culminating event, based on the four freedoms*. this is his gorgeous collage, illustrating "freedom from want," focusing specifically on access to education.

*which was the theme of the poster stolen from isaac's social studies classroom by the knox county republicans last month, remember?


Anonymous said...

No one commented, so I just have to say, this post was hilarious.

I have to tell you that I saw your family walk through the new library right past me & my kids & instead of being a normal person & saying 'hello,' I suddenly became very self conscious as the person-who-responds-to-bloggers-I-don't-know and felt very awkward. It was a bit like sighting Brad & Angelina. (I know of them, but I don't really.)


Liz Woodbury said...

oh! next time say hello, but watch out because i'll be just as awkward and self-conscious and will probably blush and everything. and then we'll mutter uncomfortably to each other and shuffle off in opposite directions. no, actually, i promise to try to be a normal person if you say hello next time!

-- angelina