Wednesday, June 30, 2010

last day with the sweeties

today is the last day; this afternoon i will drive them to cambridge, and tomorrow on to new york state, where we'll return them to their other grandmother. the sun came out yesterday, so we went to fort williams. i lined all the cousins up and told them to look serious.

 jonah was meditative.

 zoë was glamorous.

 oona found a rock that curiously resembled a letter B, which inspired us to create a font from rocks.

 some letters were more challenging than others.

 we went to otto for lunch. jonah and oona gave their pizza two thumbs up, though oona thought the sauce was a little too "bunchy."

 and then, bubble maineia! jonah, isaac, zoë and i had bubble teas, and oona had some ice cream. we walked all over town and all the way home.


 aspiring farmer with a farmer's tan.

 last night we had another little bonfire and made s'mores. mama d came over briefly and commented that this is what life would be like if mark and i had had five children. if that's true, i wouldn't mind it one bit.


Melissa Crowe said...

I know just what she means. I hate bunchy sauce.

Adam said...

Those are beautiful pictures of all those sweeties! Thank you so much for posting them!!

mama d said...

It seemed like such fun chez vous!

Liz Woodbury said...

it was fun!!