Friday, May 14, 2010

my fifth birthday was my very favorite one*

mean mama is five years old today! happy blog-writing anniversary to me!!

fascinating facts:

i think it's telling that my very first post was about a trip to the grocery store, and that i surreptitiously took a photograph of a bunch of chicken that the person in front of me was purchasing. i don't blog so much about hannaford lately, but i tweet about it all the time.

i've had over 30,000 page views.

my dog has changed over the years. he used to be darker red, and spottier.

my boy has changed. he hardly ever wears a sailor suit anymore.

my girl has changed. she almost never wears her hair in shrimpies anymore. nor does she carry a parasol.

my pictures have gotten much bigger.

i've baked a hell of a lot of cupcakes in the past five years.

we used to have a fish. now we have a guinea pig.

we used to have a book store. now we have a clothing company.

i could go on and on, but i'll sum this up by saying that when i read back over five years of bloggery, my favorite thing is looking at old pictures of bean and boo and remembering all the fun things the four of us have done together over the past few years. but also? i crack myself up.

*i wore a pink velvet dress.


holly kellogg said...

god i miss those cupcake posts! also, you used to make me feel ENTIRELY inadequate as a mother by posting those damn healthy lunches in the sassy, multi-compartment lunch boxes. i don't miss those AT ALL ( ;o) )!!! love you-love your blog. makes me feel connected, even when we haven't talked in awhile!

Liz Woodbury said...

i was just reminiscing about those lunches -- now bean makes her own and boo likes to have the same thing every day, and prefers a brown lunch bag to the sassy bento boxes. maybe i should make a lunch for m every day and take a picture of it!