Friday, May 28, 2010

my boy

isaac turned fourteen yesterday. it truly seems like just a couple of years ago that he was this little peanut, pictured above wearing one of his cutest halloween costumes ever, scuba diver. he wore a black leotard and paper towel rolls wrapped in aluminum foil on his back, and he took it very seriously. don't tell him i said this, but i think he's just as cute today, ten years later.

we had a very low-key surprise party for him, featuring these awesome (if i do say so myself) cupcakes, and some of his favorite people.

here he is opening his presents. i included this photo because zoƫ looks particularly insane.

happy happy birthday, boo. you're an amazing boy.


unemployed negativity said...

Great party, great photos. Love the scuba costume.

Liz Woodbury said...

let's all dress as scuba divers this halloween. just an idea.

erin said...

She looks like she's planning some sort of prank...

And now I want cookies, kombucha AND cupcakes. Darn you Lizzie Loo Who.