Monday, May 31, 2010

dog adventures

i gave minnow his summer "my mom gave me a hair cut" hair cut. my method makes me feel only slightly less insane than when i brush his teeth: i use regular, human haircutting scissors, chopping and chopping at his fur and trying to make things more or less even. then he gets bored and moves somewhere else in the yard, and i follow him and repeat step one.

the end result is that my yard looks like i've been shearing sheep.

in other dog news, max's little dog mabel came over to visit, and minnow was actually quite hospitable (he's fine with other dogs, but he usually deliberately and rudely ignores them). i think he prefers dogs much smaller than he is.

mabel is a great dog. her personality is very minnowish, but she comes in an extra tiny package that fits nicely on a lap.

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