Wednesday, March 24, 2010


this isn't really a secret, but bean has started hearing from colleges in the last week or so, and i'm afraid if i say anything about it she'll fear that i'm jinxing her. so i'm going to wait until all the votes are in to issue a full report on the college thing. which should happen within the next two weeks!

also, her gap year plans = unknown.

also, i'm not allowed to say here that she is smitten.

ahem. onto the boy, who has such a cold and who coughed all night monday, causing bean to stumble into our room around four a.m. and say, "will you please take him to the hospital so i can get some sleep?" when boo came downstairs late on monday morning, he moaned, "all of my face holes hurt." he is starting to feel better, and we even sent him to school today for the last hour so he could collect mountains of homework.

it snowed a little bit today, so i refused to go outside or look out the window.

back to the sweatshop, where i'm stitching up a brand new color of scarf! and we have two new print designs. i'll show you later.


erin said...

Such an exciting time for your girl! This was the one of the happiest times of my life...Jeremiah and I were together and spent all of our time riding bikes, camping, watching movies in my parent's basement...

What I didn't know then was I was going to get so wrapped up in my school work I wasn't going to care when he became a sponsored skateboarder and moved to San Diego. I wish I would have given it some effort, or we wouldn't have spent the next 7 years apart...but then I wouldn't have Rose, Olivia and Maxine.

Oh damn you what if's and long comments!

Hope the boy one feels better soon.

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, bikes movies, camping... a sweet time. also, i don't believe in regrets -- i would never do a single thing differently if i could go back, mostly because of my kids. imagine if taking a different path at some point resulted in never getting to know one of them?

margot said...

i am really not sure how i feel about the word "smitten," or the fact that you wrote about this on your blog.