Tuesday, February 02, 2010

you, me

my very favorite form of virtual winter window shopping is browsing etsy for wonderful things and marking them as favorites. then i like to procrastinate by browsing again through the amazing things in my list (though i have to admit i am not much of an actual money-spending-type shopper). looking at my favorites, it's clear that i'm a sucker for certain bears, birds, rabbits, dogs, and deer. also gorgeous photographs of summery scenes (now, anyway -- let's see what happens in the summertime). also maps, silver, people with animal heads, and lovely pieces of art and jewelry made by people i know.

today, i am liking this letterpress card, a bold and unsentimental valentine's day message. actually, everything bread + butter makes is pretty cool.


Julie Falatko said...

Oh, I am so addicted to Etsy. Good for you for not being much of a spender there. I think only about 25% of my favorites are inspirational, and the rest are things that I really kind of honestly would like to purchase at some point. I also do like looking at all my favorites as a bunch, and seeing how they are a representative slice of What I Like.

Artemis said...

I would love that as a shirt, wouldn't that be cute :)

Liz Woodbury said...

ooh, yes, what a nice t-shirt that would make!