Monday, February 22, 2010

limbs unfurled for action

m, bean, and i had a wonderful whirlwind weekend in new york (ooh, alliteration!), where we were lucky enough to stay in a comfortable and charming brooklyn apartment courtesy of our friend erin, who was out of town and generously mailed us her apartment keys as well as maps and metro cards and museum passes.

her apartment is completely adorable.

i love the fact that there are rolls of streamers on her bookshelves. and the color of this blue cabinet.

and the fact that there are pretty little things all over the place, like this little dish with spools of thread, adjacent to some tiny chickens.

so, when in new york, we travel on our stomachs. as they say. we ate delicious, cheap food all weekend, including hummus and fava platters with falafel at hummus place and pastries at the hungarian pastry shop near columbia. i think my favorite was vegetarian dim sum in chinatown:

chinatown wasn't as stinky as it has sometimes been in my experience. i thought these silvery (dead) fishies were kind of lovely:

also, we had pickles from this famous lower east side pickle place. m told us a horrifying story from his childhood involving sweet pickle juice.

and coffee! at least as important as the snacks we ate was the delicious coffee we drank, first at the tompkins square park ninth street espresso (not on ninth street, by the way).

perfect lattes.

happy, caffeinated people.

oh yeah, we also went to the moma on friday night, which was packed with mostly french speaking people and americans taking goofy pictures of themselves and each other in front of the art. often striking silly poses, modeled after the figures in the art. we saw the tim burton exhibit, but it was so crowded it was difficult to really see it (all i remember now is a black light room, where i noted all the stains on my scarf that are normally invisible). here is my favorite piece of art of the evening, by jenny holzer:

erin's neighborhood was great, just a couple of blocks from prospect park, and very neighborhoody. we even mastered the art of "no train! no train! the f train is not running, go out to greenwood and get the shuttle bus."

and really the reason we were in new york at all was that miss gliss's sister alison was getting married. it was a fun wedding, with lots of laughter and a beautiful bride and happy family members and delicious food (including wedding cake baked by the bride herself, which may have been the most scrumptious wedding cake i've ever tasted). but most of all, bean's reunion with her miss gliss, who has been living in france for the last seven months. they had a few hours to hug and catch up, and even dance the hora, before they had to say goodbye again (miss gliss flew back to france last night).

just before we caught our megabus back to boston, we popped into the ace hotel for some stumptown coffee. that place is excruciatingly hip, and somehow extremely friendly too. i recommend lounging in the lobby admiring the hipsters and the taxidermy and the vivienne westwood-style chairs and black lacquer while sipping a pretty nearly perfect latte, if you're ever in the neighborhood. and if you go down to use the bathroom (which you should), you'll see this on your way up:

and for today's grammar tip, ahem, "alright" is not a real word. but i like these stairs anyway.


Danni said...

That sounds like a really fun weekend.

Liz Woodbury said...

it really was!

wishful nals said...

lovely. i love those steps!

charlotte said...

i think it might be in british english, no? thanks for making me sound like such a jet setter!