Wednesday, February 24, 2010

in my kitchen

my sweet mom gave me this beautiful bird bowl (jeeze, what's with the alliteration lately? i can't seem to avoid it). it's such a lovely shade of reddish-brown, and...those birds. three birds, three pears. bean came into the room and said, "wow! that bowl really ties the room together!"

this is just about my favorite packaging. anything that involves an elephant on the label is okay with me. plus, pad thai. and i have recently figured how to not have the rice noodles stick together.*

there you have the highlights of my kitchen. we have our boy home from his amazing trip to the west coast (he learned to snowboard and ski and hung out in san francisco and flew both ways solo, and if he could do it again tomorrow he would), and we're all getting re-adjusted to the school week schedule.

*after cooking or soaking (following the package instructions), i rinse in cold water til the noodles are clammy and pale as a sick person. then when i'm ready to stir-fry them, i run warm water over them until they relax and give each other a little space.

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