Tuesday, December 15, 2009


when i was walking minnow last night, i realized that in my immediate neighborhood (i.e. around the block), there are only two houses besides my own that aren't adorned in some festive way for the holidays, with lights or wreaths or decorations or illuminated trees visible from the street. and i am pretty sure that extremely old people live in those other two houses.

one of these years i'd like to decorate, preferably with meca-style light balls (which were designed by pandora lacasse, by the way) tumbling down the side of my house. and one of these years we'll have another christmas tree (this is the second year we haven't bought one, figuring that most of our holiday will be spent in north carolina, where we'll enjoy my bruddie's tree).

but we do have advent calendars with chocolate inside!

and a paltry collection of reindeer/other deer. the big black one was found. i think by boo. i think at a yard sale. yes, i am now officially collecting deer, in case you're looking for an odd little gift for me.

so yeah, we got holiday cheer! in fact, m and i are constantly listening to our various christmas pandora stations, and boo has invented a dozen ways to eat a candy cane. we live on clementines around here (they smell like christmas). and my poor dog wears a bandanna around his neck that says, humiliatingly, "santa's helper."


kg said...

No picture of Minnow in his bandana?1?!

Liz Woodbury said...

coming soon! i have to get just the right one.