Sunday, December 13, 2009

can i interest you in hanukkah?

maybe the title of this post should be "a very goyish hanukkah!" that will definitely be the title of our family television special. forthcoming. at some future date.

bean and i cooked a hanukkah feast on friday night -- vegan latkes and something very purple that involved red cabbage, beets, and apples (and was delicious). and apple strudel for dessert. enoch joined us!

candles lit. ketchup for m.

we couldn't locate hanukkah gelt, but we had a bag of walnuts and a brand new dreidel.

bean was victorious.


erin said...

My grandma was the only jew at our Hanukkah celebrations. She'd lead us through it and make us the food...but it was very strange considering we celebrated Christmas as well.

I was the only kid I knew that went to temple on sat. and church on sun.

holly kellogg said...

with all of your advent and hanukkah feasts and activites, i think there's a lot more religion at your house than mine! can i send maia to you to be trained for her RECONCILIATION and first communion?!

Liz Woodbury said...

ha! it's got to be my unitarian upbringing. i am scared of the word "reconciliation!"

holly kellogg said...

"reconciliation"- me, too, actually.