Sunday, November 08, 2009


friday night, m and i met enoch at the brand new international cryptozoology museum, right here in beautiful portland, maine. it was really something. my favorite thing was probably the almost-life size bigfoot near the front door.

after that, m and i joined the post-election rally and march for equality down congress street. this was my favorite sign:

the best thing about it was all the supportive honking cars and art-walkers yelling and clapping and slapping hands as hundreds of us marched past (also leaning out of windows and waving). it reinforced the huge crush i have on this city right now.

the portland press herald didn't see fit to print much of anything about it this morning. there was another simultaneous rally going on (u.s. out of afghanistan and iraq) with a louder sound system but fewer folks. we marched past them in monument square and to city hall.

there were speakers. my favorite was a kickass minister from a united church of christ. there weren't many specifics about what to do next, but much enthusiasm and a generally positive energy. i pledge, personally, to do more next time.

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