Monday, August 31, 2009


my mom and dad drove up for the weekend, which was marked by hurricanish weather on saturday and then a perfectly beautiful sunny cool maine late summer day on sunday. we met miss gliss at arabica on saturday afternoon to bid her adieu before she heads off to lille, france for a year.

my parents treated us to delicious pizzas at bonobo saturday night. below, boo tried on bean's new ira glasses*:

bean and boo both had very tiny crème brûlées for dessert, and i am now officially inspired to buy myself a little kitchen blowtorch.

we went for a lovely long eastern prom walk on sunday and had iced coffee from bard (i am now holding all iced coffee to the 1369 standard, and bard's didn't quite make the grade, though it wasn't bad). some time over the course of the weekend, bean finished her owl sweater.

she doesn't get her knitting ability from her mother. this is a gorgeous cabled sweater (the first sweater she's attempted) in a soft undyed wool. she will be completely finished when she sews tiny buttons on to be the owls' eyes.

*that's my name for them, anyway. i think anyone who wears them looks a bit like ira glass.


Melissa Crowe said...

Love Ira Glass. Love the owl sweater. Is she taking orders?!

erin said...

I've been crocheting for twelve years and just the past weekend starting teaching myself how to knit! It's super hard! I love her sweater though. Tell her I'll trade her a sweater for a hat/scarf/gloves set. Not like she couldn't make one on her own! ;)

holly kellogg said...

that sweater fits SO beautifully...even after almost 30 years knitting i still have trouble with getting things to fit just right...i hope she is so proud!

Liz Woodbury said...

well i know I'M proud! it's a beautiful sweater, and she whipped it out in no time at all. i'm going to get lessons from her.