Friday, June 19, 2009


boo got a belated birthday box in the mail from bean yesterday! and it was quite belated - for some reason, it took about a month to arrive. "unpredictable" seems to be the story with the mail between here and germany. sometimes it takes four days, sometimes six weeks.

lucky boo, he got a ritter sport chocolate bar, a huge package of fancy german pens, and a peter fox cd (we have all become total fans of peter fox, by the way).

tucked into the box were also a couple of books for me, flight to afar and norwegian wood. i have gone from being bereft of good books to having a massive stack beside my bed. i have been chipping my way through angst, loaned to me by enoch, but i'm taking a break to read edgar sawtelle for my virtual book group.

p.s. 22 DAYS!

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Artemis said...

the post script is my favorite!