Friday, June 19, 2009


i got invited to the nicest little vegan tea party last week by my (no longer imaginary) friend melissa crowe. at the last minute, realizing i was going empty-handed, i cut some flowers from my crazy mess of a yard, stuck them in a glass jar, and brought them along. you'd think, looking at them, that i was a bit of a gardener, and that my yard must be a lovely mass of cottagey flowers. but you'd be wrong (my yard is a pile of willow branches and very happy weeds, in the midst of which dwell the remains of various perennials* we planted - optimistically - years ago, and an even happier groundhog who lives under the old playhouse). anyway, i heard it was supposed to rain from today til forever, so yesterday i cut a bunch more flowers for my own table. look how pretty they are! i stuck in some beach roses from the massive bush in our front yard, and they smell amazing.

*peonies (i always think of my mom telling me about a kansas neighbor who pronounced them pee-OH-nees)
*johnson's blue geranium
*blue iris of some kind
*some new white thing that crept over from next door, vaguely geranium-like
*rosa rugosa, or beach roses

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Melissa Crowe said...

You were the perfect guest, and some of your flowers are still hanging on. I'm going to keep the jar on the table in the hope that when you come over again, you'll fill it. ;-)