Tuesday, May 05, 2009

my first dog

my bruddie continues his family archive project, transferring old home movies to digital. this one is a surprise, because i thought we'd lost all of the film that actually featured my siblings or me. this is me as a baby, circa 1968, and it's worth watching to the end because

1. you'll see that i was then, as i continue to be, a "good eater."
2. i am the cuter baby of the two; i believe the guy on the floor was my first friend.
3. look at my red tights!
4. look at my adorable parents - and at the fancy "baby's eye view" of my mom (and her cool shoes).
5. there's a glimpse of a VW bus and my baby-faced aunt sooze and uncle david.

but most of all,

6. my first dog, bartholomew, frolicking in front of *924 mississippi street, lawrence, kansas, birthplace of me. family legend has it that i first learned to stand by pulling myself up while clutching the fur of this sweet dog.

*historical notes on this house include the fact that approximately 20 years later i lived two doors down, when i transferred to ku as a junior; also, this house was razed at some point (before i moved back to lawrence) to build a duds n' suds laundromat. correct me if i'm wrong on any of this, family historians!


mama d said...

Well worth watching!!!

Mary said...

yup - that's our little bit of a girl - sigh...and that's how I remember the story! oh how I wish we had the movie of you twirling in circles in your pink corduroy coat & hat in Kentucky