Wednesday, May 06, 2009


here i go again, stealing content from my librarian brother.the following film pretty much stars him as the adorable, happy toddler, with cameos by me and my other bruddie (i'm the one with braids):

i love this one, because except for adam's plaid pants and my mom's groovy outfit, this almost looks like it could be titled "my depression-era childhood." well, there's also the 1970 volvo to give it away (the same car, by the way, that i started learning to drive with about seven years later). i also love it because i have such incredibly vivid memories of this brief period of my life: we rented that house in olathe, kansas, around the time i was in second grade. the backyard was like an entire world - the dome climber, tire swing, barn, porch, huge vegetable garden - i can close my eyes and see it all exactly the way it appears in this movie (only bigger, of course). it's funny, i can't remember the inside of the house at all, really. and here's a detail that makes it seem even more like it took place in 1938: our next door neighbor (beyond the barn) was also our milkman. and his son was my second grade teacher. and his wife always had exotic, antique candy (like ribbon candy) in her house which she was very generous with. i could go on and on.

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Liz Woodbury said...

my mom reminded me that the milkman's wife also used to pay adam and me a penny per thistle when we would pick them out of the field. sometimes their cows came over to graze in our "pasture."