Monday, April 06, 2009

getting a little ahead of myself

i'm so ready for salad-and-iced-coffee-and-flip-flop-season, aren't you? particularly this iced coffee. any flip flops will do as long as they cost less than five dollars. last night my boys were indulging in a particularly cheese-heavy dinner, and i was feeling a mite vegan, so i made a big salad with vegan caesar dressing and tempeh croutons*. OH MY GOD. it hit the spot. my only critique is that this dressing recipe is a little heavy on the mustard; i would recommend one tablespoon instead of three. but then i have been traumatized by mustard in the past. it was a mustard-heavy pasta dish i ate back in the early '90s at this place** in lawrence, kansas. to be specific. i've never gotten over it.

*i didn't find a recipe for these, so i basically just fried up some cubes of tempeh til they were golden and crispy.

**i should add that everything else i ever ate there was delicious. especially the onion rings.

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