Wednesday, April 29, 2009

from a german ukulele site

(bean just sent this to me, knowing it would make me laugh out loud):

Whoever spends his time with the ukulele doesn't do any evil. By all means you can assume that all ukulele players are nice people. Furthermore there is an old saying: „Where people sing, you can settle, evil people have no songs (said the devil while sitting down in a swarm of bees)!“ Well, you can't settle down in the internet. But with this in mind you can meet nice people virtually. For instance in the 1st German Ukulele Club which was founded on july 20, 2005. You are warmly invited to join in. By the way: In this regard „German“ means that the common language is German. But most of the members are able to speak English, too.


Julie Falatko said...

Oh wow, this totally made my day. And thank you for finally providing me with a life motto (the "where people sing" thing). Must memorize that so I can randomly spout it to the children and pretend it's cryptic parental wisdom.

Liz Woodbury said...

i know, isn't that great? there are few things as funny to me as slightly-off translations into english. i also love "whoever spends his time with the ukulele doesn't do any evil."

Julie Falatko said...

It's like when Steve Martin says you can't be depressed when you play the banjo.