Saturday, April 04, 2009

david sedaris

i, lucky lady that i am, had the honor of being artemis's guest last night at a david sedaris reading. this is the second time i've seen/heard him read, and he's really good at it - funny, of course, but also kind of sweet and humble and grateful for the opportunity to do it. it was particularly amazing last night that he was so gracious and entertaining, since he'd spent the previous night in the hospital with a kidney stone and needed percocet to get through the reading. even so, he stayed for hours afterward signing books (which he always does, apparently even mid-kidney stone). when artemis and i got up to the front of the line, he looked up at her, and said, "now, if you and i were friends, i'd call you pigtails!" he gives small gifts to teenagers who attend his readings, and he offered artemis the choice between a hotel shampoo bottle or a condom which he said was "special, only for anal sex," and then said, "no, i'm just joking. it's for any kind of sex." artemis took the shampoo.

i got a copy of dress your family signed for boo: "i'm so happy you're alive, david sedaris."

and when you are engulfed in flames signed for bean: "with the pleasure of meeting your enchanting mother, david sedaris."

as we left, he emphasized that he was in terrible pain, and that he wouldn't be sleeping that night, but not to worry about him, he'd be fine.


la grande maman d said...

Je suis tres tres jalouse!

Liz Woodbury said...

i wish you were there, maman d! you would've loved it!

margot said...

that's amazing. last time my gift was a card with a huge picture of a cockroach on it. i love david sedaris.