Wednesday, March 04, 2009

up to

*sewing scarves (seen above) for whole foods, bliss, and a couple of samples for our etsy shop too.

*reading the abstinence teacher for my new virtual book group (i won't say a word for fear of spoiling it for my group). and by "virtual" i mean "via email."

*attempting to read jean genet. but...i requested the book from the liberry, and it's one of those special books with the blue paper belt around its middle, and you can't disturb or remove this belt. and the pages were kind of falling out, and the ones that weren't were rather...sticky. the whole situation was making me anxious, so i took it back to the liberry. maybe m. meiklejohn will loan me a copy sometime.

*watching bad tv. so bad i almost don't want to confess. oh, okay, if you're gonna twist my arm like that! toddlers and tiaras. the real housewives of (wherever), and intervention, which is so painful, raw and (for me) irresistible.

*also watching good tv, specifically the wire (we just finished season three) and foyle's war.

*eating vegetarian meatball subs. and cassoulet. also, rice and beans.

*drinking too much coffee.

*laughing at literal music videos, especially this one.


David said...

We are watching ANTM! I wish we were watching the Wire instead...

Liz Woodbury said...

sometimes i watch the antm reruns, but i haven't gotten into the current "cycle." YET!

Mary said...

this literal music video is HILARIOUS ! what will they think of next??!

Liz Woodbury said...

you've got to check out the other ones, mom! there are three other hysterically funny ones on funnyordie, all by the same guy(s). (there are also two not-funny ones, done by somebody else).

Mary said...

AND I want a gorgeous miloinmaine scarf (&& a dresser to always tie it decoratively !) will go check out those videos