Thursday, March 05, 2009

two girls i miss like crazy

girl number one:

girl number two:

i could just bite them both, i love them so much.

and by the way, bean is doing really well! she is spending a week in bonn right now with some other cbyx kids, and she had just finished her winter break from school before that, so she's getting a nice long holiday. she has been in germany for six months, a time span that's somehow been simultaneously endless and instantaneous. when people ask what it's like for us to have our girl go off on a year-long international adventure, i truly don't know how to answer. the nearest i can get to describing it is "surreal." i miss her constantly, and it's acutely painful when she's having a hard time and i can do nothing about it, but the fact that she's doing it...leaves me speechless with pride.


margot said...

"surreal" is exactly how i describe my exchange experience. although since i don't know how to say "surreal" in german, i say "like a dream."

Liz Woodbury said...

how do you say that in german?