Tuesday, February 24, 2009

o february

i am ready for march now. thank you very much.

it's been a docu-film festival over here at my house: yesterday, man on wire (i liked it, mom! i didn't think of roberto benigni at all until you said that). tonight, harlan county, u.s.a. both are well worth seeing if you haven't already. unless perky french wirewalkers make you think of roberto benigni, and you can't stand roberto benigni. but never fear, there are no perky french wirewalkers in harlan county, u.s.a.

and my recommendation for escapism-with-dignity, as always, is the amazing race. episode number two was almost as good as the first one. if you don't care about dignity, but only want to be glad you're not rich and stupid with huge fake breasts and a wrinkly old sun-damaged neck, i recommend the real housewives of (wherever).

good evening.


Mary said...

Isaac said you were watching Texas coal miners - was that Harlan County, Texas? I am GLAD that steve&linda have exited & THRILLED that Mel got to fly !

Liz Woodbury said...

no, it was kentucky! i know, wasn't that so great when the wind changed? and it became so painful to watch linda and steve that i was ecstatic to see them go.