Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what is the what

i just finished this last night, and it was truly amazing. in fact, it has been kind of haunting me the whole time i've been reading it. one night i had a dream which started as a lighthearted fantasy wherein i was selected to be on what not to wear. in the dream, i happily forfeited my extensive collection of five dollar flip-flops and rogues gallery t-shirts, as well as my single pair of old navy jeans, for five thousand dollars and stacy and clinton's help with acquiring a new wardrobe. somehow, this morphed into one of those apocalyptic/dystopian dreams. there were dead bodies and deserted cities and smoldering fires... utterly influenced by this book, i'm sure, which is the most vivid look i've ever had at what's been happening in sudan for decades. click on the picture to read more about the book.

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