Monday, December 29, 2008

scenes from christmas

dogs crammed into the minivan:

mom and boo watching movies on the borrowed portable dvd player:

m holding the sweetest baby in the world, miss stella kate:

this year's puzzle, a gift from my cousin mary-susan:

dogs investigating a christmas box:

the aftermath of our hanukkah celebration (note the single candle stuck into a chocolate cookie). we had latkes, applesauce, and matzoh ball soup:

i miss christmas! this was a tricky one, with bean away and many, many travel snafus (more than our family's fare share, actually, including our van breaking down 70 miles away from our destination and several different people stuck at airports). also, it was in north carolina, an oddly warm place to celebrate christmas -- although to be honest, i didn't miss the cold and snow one bit. we took long, leisurely dog walks at night in sweaters, no gloves! no scarves! no snow boots! the sky and the stars and the christmas lights were kind of extra beautiful since we weren't all hunched over in our coats... we ate great food, listened to music, watched some holiday movies, opened some presents, enjoyed each other's company. everyone talked to bean on the phone on christmas day, and she sounded great. the cousins played together, and stella was utterly content to be passed from relative to relative. i miss it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds just about perfect except for the travel snafus! I didn't know rental cars were allowed to break we learned that Michaela's suitcase had made the trip from Memphis to Boston, just in time for her flight out of Portland to Philadelphia and on to Minneapolis!

Liz Woodbury said...

i hope by now that michaela has her belongings back...