Saturday, December 20, 2008


i'm feeling like the worst blogger ever, although i'm probably just in the bottom 30% at this point. we are off on our southward journey, braving the snow and slippery roads in a car that we've decided desperately needs snow tires. we're pausing tonight in cambridge, and then we'll join my mom and dad and their dog lulu in a rented minivan, which will pull out around 4 am tomorrow. boo's got a borrowed dvd player; we've got plenty of dogs and plenty of clementines. as long as we can locate coffee along the way, i figure we'll make it to chapel hill by 8 pm!

happy solstice to everybody, and happy joyous christmas celebrations if you observe it. i am ready for a restful, fun week of gift wrapping/unwrapping, cookie baking/eating, baby holding, dog walking, music listening, playing, movie watching, and napping.

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