Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hannaford adventures

today's exciting outing to hannaford included many highs and lows. for example, in the "pro" column was the fact that i only had about six items to purchase, while in the "con" column was the fact that it is the day before thanksgiving. but the highest high was running several times into my friend lisa and two of her kids -- each time, she was laughing hysterically (good-hysterically, not crazy-hysterically). the lowest low was overhearing an elderly couple dithering over salad dressing:

woman: "it might be good..."
man: "you never even had it before, don't get it."
woman: "but..."
man: "it's too expensive, carla!"
woman: "it looks kind of good..."
man: "damn it, carla, you won't even let me save a f-ing dime!"


Anonymous said...

I was there too, and it did require major slaalom skills and high good humor. In one aisle I was asked how to prepare stuffing, and in the next how to prepare bread pudding, and in the dairy section, what the difference was between nonsalted and salted butter, which is the one question I was able to answer (duh).

Liz Woodbury said...

when i'm asked questions like that, i usually answer authoritatively, even when i have no idea. however, today i kind of kept my head low and avoided eye contact, with just a couple of exceptions.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

i happy to hear that my laughter was somewhat sane. between the chaos of the store and my boys, everything seemed humorous.

my only really negative experience was when a young woman aggressively pushed by us while swearing under her breathe. not very Maine behavior.