Saturday, September 06, 2008

she made it!

bean called this morning from her new home in birkenfeld, germany! we just talked to her briefly, but she sounded great, just like herself. she had to get off the phone because coffee, baked goods, and chocolate were being served. i don't think she'd been there very long, since she described spending hours at the frankfurt airport before getting on the train to karlsruhe, where she was met by her host parents. she said the house is on top of a hill, with pretty views, her room is lovely, her parents are very nice, and she's tired. she didn't bond with any other c-b students, but she had a perfectly enjoyable time at orientation and traveling. she's trying to speak german -- her language school begins on monday.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Char got a brief email from her right before she left and she sounded very happy and excited.

Mary said...

o boy o boy!!