Wednesday, August 27, 2008

convention, night two

hillary did a good job, i thought. she made it clear that she wants her supporters to vote for obama, and she mustered some sincere enthusiasm. and she was way better than mark warner, lackluster keynote speaker. m and bean hated her orange suit, but i kind of liked it -- if you put hillary in orange next to michelle in turquoise from the previous night, you'd kind of get my dining room. kind of. other deep political thoughts:

*the hillary film made me nervous. i wasn't sure she should have her own tribute film. but then it was okay. and it was weirdly funny when the shot of bill clinton said "hillary's husband."

*i would seriously consider voting for chelsea in thirty years or so.

*i know women got the vote in 1920, and i've known it my whole life, but i still can't get over it. but african american women have basically only been able to vote since 1965, incomprehensibly.

*"sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit." hee hee. she had some good lines, actually, but bill went way overboard with his cheesy reaction shots in the peanut gallery.

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margot said...

yes, he was goofy. i thought hillary clinton did a good job.