Friday, August 15, 2008


(stella photo courtesy of my bruddy)

just look at those cheeks. i can't wait to see that girl again -- i only have to wait four more months!

well, august is just rolling past me as usual. actually, it's been quite a bit rainier than usual, and about fifty degrees out for much of the month of august. but today is gorgeous and sunny, warm and beachy feeling (boo, however, is the only family member indulging in the beach today). so how can i complain?

i can't even remember what we've been up to over the last couple of weeks -- just a few highlights stand out, including a delightful visit from enoch, and another lovely visit from my mom which included many fun meals, walks, outings, and tv watchings (three words, mom: TORI AND DEAN). oh, we also joined a pool and have been splashing around on rainy days and sitting in the hot tub on chilly days.

also, we've been crossing items off the "bean goes to germany" to-do list. well, it's my to-do list, actually, since i'm just that kind of person. it does seem like every time i cross something off, we think of something else to add. she needed a total of eight passport photos taken, for example! the other day, she packed a suitcase full of clothes and weighed it, and it was only sixteen pounds (she's allowed a total of 45 pounds of luggage). that was a pleasant surprise, since now she can add some books and toiletries and her journal and knitting supplies, etc. as well as some additional clothes.

m is going to drive bean to washington d.c. by way of baltimore (and possibly a quick visit with our old friends the hullingers). her "gateway orientation" begins at 2:00 on september 2nd, and on september 5th she will fly to frankfurt with the other CBers. and then? and then my child will be living in germany for a year, that's what!!


Anonymous said...

Is she making an album of her life in Portland, Maine? And elsewhere? I've always thought that was important, and people in your family take such good pictures....

Liz Woodbury said...

she did make a small album of special people and places to take with her, and she started her own flickr account, too (i'll send you the link).

Michael said...

Good Luck to Zoe!!

What a great adventure.

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, lisa!