Friday, April 18, 2008

wha' happen?

where'd the week go, you ask? well, it's been balmy outside and the piles of leaves, pine needles, endless willow branches, and other assorted yard debris have been calling to me. every extra minute i've had this week i've spent raking stuff and organizing my compost area and shoving branches into paper yard waste bags and cutting off ugly things with my felco pruners. also, i've been working in brunswick and working on milo in maine and walking the dog and throwing a ball for him in the back yard. two afternoons this week i even made my second-favorite summer drink, two shots of espresso over ice with a splash of soy creamer. yes, it was that warm! (favorite summer drink = cold-brewed iced coffee; third-favorite summer drink = raspberry-lime rickeys; fourth-favorite summer drink = iced unsweetened peppermint tea. i could go on and on.)

bean's been camping this week with a school group, and boo's been studying the countries in europe (he has a big test today) as well as getting back into the acting game (he's resumed work on that independent film, remember from last year?). bean comes home this afternoon, and then tonight she's off on another adventure, this time to cape cod with a friend.

i'm wearing a sleeveless shirt and flip flops. i think i'll go outside and lie down in a pile of leaves and soak up the sun. i wish i had a hammock.

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