Sunday, March 30, 2008


here's how cultured i was this weekend:

saturday night i went to the maine short play festival with the dancer. some of the plays were good. some were...not. there was one which shall remain nameless that was so painfully not good that i couldn't even look at the stage for a long while. dancer was shaking with silent laughter beside me and i knew i was dangerously close to breaking into uncontrollable giggles. i'm afraid that if you wanted to know exactly what was so painfully bad about it, dancer and i would have to act it out for you.

this afternoon i drove bean and a schoolmate to merrill auditorium to see spirit of uganda, a wonderful music and dance performance by ugandan kids and teenagers. the audience was wildly enthusiastic -- there were a lot of african students there, including a bunch from bean's school.

when we got home, bean and i joined m and boo to watch the final five minutes of the kansas-davidson game. anyone who knows our family knows we're not sports fans. by any stretch of the imagination. but we have a weak spot for kansas basketball (at least m and i do -- boo and bean pretty much just humor us). woo-hoo, k.u. won!!


David said...

ROCK CHALK! Ellen and I actually watched the whole game (with Ellen leaving and entering the room several times). We could hardly breathe by the end of the game.

Joanna said...

As a fellow Jayhawk fan and friend of David's I can resist commenting. KU won because I rubbed her head as a good luck charm:
:-) Joanna

Liz Woodbury said...

i can't wait until david has a cute little good luck charm like the one you have!!