Thursday, January 10, 2008


guess what bean did yesterday? here's a hint:

yep, you guessed it! dr. mills went and yanked the braces right off of her teeth! we went in knowing that it might happen, but in his matter-of-fact style, he just snipped those babies off without a word, and there she was with absolutely gorgeous, perfect teeth.

next stop: the land of the mysterious retainer...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll tell you this when she gets her retainer, but never, never let Minnow get anywhere near it!!! Dogs love the taste of a delicious used retainer, and they can destroy the expensive little gadget in no time! It's a real hazard, I'm told. Luckily, all our retainers have always been in their cases in the bathroom, well out of reach of Maisie. Oh, and the smile looks gorgeous!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh how well i know this! i had two dogs, each of whom ate one of my brother's delicious nighttime retainers (a.k.a. "ubby gubby"). bean's got her temporary one now, and she's supposed to keep in in her mouth all the time, unless she's eating. she'll get the wire retainer in february. and the hygienist did warn us about dogs' intense love for them!!