Wednesday, January 02, 2008


i'm back! a combination of recovering from being sick (and then being all achy and whiny about it) and then the flurry of christmas/new year's just knocked my blogging feet out from under me. i hereby pledge to keep writing this year. i'm not going to resolve to write every day or anything like that -- in fact, i've resolved not to make official resolutions, because i usually disappoint myself with my new year's resolutions round about january 7th. however, i'm going to try my darnedest to:

*take minnow for runs in the woods a couple of times a week, so he can get his girlish figure back

*eat more vegetables

*get back on my excellent gym routine (although this is a pain during the month of january, when everybody in portland and all of their friends and acquaintances are crammed into planet fitness, having made their own new year's resolutions. this lasts til about the third week of february)

*post some pretty pictures on my blog

*acknowledge more birthdays, the old-fashioned way. with cards and gifts.

but, see, i'm not calling them resolutions or anything, am i?

so, we got a ton more snow yesterday and through the night. this morning as i was shoveling the heavy, wet, icy crap that the city snowplow drivers like to block my driveway with, evilly chuckling as they do it, i was thinking, milo in miami? milo in mexico? or better yet, picture milo as a wee gypsy lad, traveling the country in a caravan. maybe maine in july and august, and then he's off to taos or someplace...

hey, christmas was fun! we missed our sweeties, robot and pink, and their parents, who stayed at home in california this year. but my wonderful grandfather, my amazing parents (loaded down with bags and bags of treats from trader joes), and my brother and his bride (loaded down with my newest niece or nephew to be, at the time only the size of a fig...or a lime) were here with us. we played some games, did a couple of puzzles, opened presents, and ate lots of food. it was a fairly calm, happy, peaceful christmas around here.

we went to boston again this year to ring in 2008. once again, there was a wonderful parade full of more bizarreness than you'd expect of a major metropolitan area (there's something weirdly small-town about a lot of the parade, somehow. all the old-timey brass bands and strange puppetry, i guess). the year of the rat was celebrated, although it hasn't actually literally arrived yet, and boo was ecstatic to realize that his new cousin (a.k.a. rufus, the lime) shares a chinese zodiac sign with him! two rats in the family!


Anonymous said...

So glad you're blogging again! Your Boston companion is still pretty sick. Temp of 101.7 yesterday. Better today, but still far from well. I hope nobody in your family gets it!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh no!!! i certainly hope she feels much better very soon. i wonder if she's got the same flu that m and i had. and i wonder if we're responsible... she was great company for a lil' sicky girl.