Saturday, November 24, 2007


for my mom and dad and their comfy pied a terre in cambridge (and their cute dog, lulu, despite her very occasional habit of gnawing on books when they're left on the sofabed). thanks to them, we had a really lovely thanksgiving, our first post-casco bay books. for the last several years, our thanksgiving ritual has involved hanging out at the (closed for the holiday) store, getting carry-out indian food, and skateboarding/scootering in the deserted hallway of 151 middle street (sometimes also a midnight trip to l.l. bean, and once finding a $100 bill on the ground at one a.m.). it was really nice to travel out of portland, and we are lucky to have relatives whose idea of a perfect thanksgiving feast is the same as ours -- a huge indian spread, cooked by someone else!

mom and dad (boo in the background) in mom's "special spot" on the harvard campus.

bean in her new birthday t-shirt (eat like you give a damn), with her mustard-yellow birthday bag!

we played lots of rummy k, and drank many cups of tea. we took dog walks, went to book stores, ate great food, and i even got an amazingly luxurious hot stone massage from my very favorite massage therapist! i hope your thanksgiving was as restful and sweet as mine was.

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Mary said...

I'm thankful for such a wonderful family from Maine to share it with !!