Saturday, November 24, 2007

i'm not there

almost forgot to mention this movie, which we saw last night with pop (mom was working, so she couldn't join us), and which we all loved, despite the fact that it was weird. weird, weird, weird. in a good way.

every single trailer, of the five or six which preceded the film, made me teary-eyed. i guess it's just that time of year.


margot said...

ha ha! even persepolis?

Mary said...

I think the trailers made you cry bc they were too much like watching the evening news...Persepolis was the most upbeat one ! (I loved Bob Dylan too, the next night !)

Adam said...

"Sister Winter" is the perfect expression of feeling sad at Christmas Time, and feeling like it's inappropriate to feel that way. I love that song! (Jonah and Oona have been singing with me while I play guitar! We also do "Only at Christmas Time"!