Saturday, November 03, 2007


i intended to go out on the town last night to at least two first friday art openings in town, but instead i felt like crap (pronounced in a scottish accent, if you please), so i lolled about on the couch eating a baked potato and watching nancy drew...reporter. after that, i collapsed into bed with my dog and my john cheever book. i feel much better this morning, thank you very much.

m and bean attended an afs event in falmouth with mama d and a big salad (miss gliss was there too, until it was discovered that she'd forgotten a babysitting job and was whisked off by her father, lucky pierre).

artemis came over and ate a baked potato with boo and me and even watched my goofy nancy drew movie.


Jeannette said...

Let Zoe know that we had an AFS student from France live with us during my senior year at high school. It was kind of a disaster, but we did have good intentions. I also did an AFS summer program in Spain for 8 weeks. I studied at the Universidad de Salamanca. Now I do recommend that!

Liz Woodbury said...

you told her that story at the beach -- she's repeated it often!! she's leaning back toward finland/iceland/norway right now. seems schools in italy aren't necessarily that much fun. she had a blast at the afs dinner!