Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my birthday, continued

i really was showered with gifts this year, including:

+ a beautiful pewter ring that i had admired in quebec, from the dancer lady

+ a gift certificate for tea and a foot soak, from (and with) my friend vicky

+ gorgeous lavender bath salts from the wonderful heather and matt

+ amazing bouquets of flowers, one of which was carefully cut from the garden by ava and nick

+a gift certificate to whole foods ("one dollar for each year") from mama d and miss gliss

+ these beautiful plates from my bean (purchased sneakily in portsmouth back in august):

+ phone calls, emails, cards, and ecards from some of my favorite people in the world (and while i loved hearing my mom and dad singing "happy birthday," i think the sweetest was the message my two year-old friend elliot left on my answering machine)

+ oh, and i almost forgot, this little thing:


and finally, the gift of an absolutely beautiful day and a climb up bradbury mountain with my family:


pixiegenne said...

yay. i love my iphone as if it could somehow love me back. sometimes i want to make out with it.

Liz Woodbury said...

me too!!! i have kissed it chastely.