Sunday, October 14, 2007

lordy, lordy...

so m, bean and boo went and threw a surprise party for me last night! and i have to say, i was utterly and completely and totally surprised -- so surprised, in fact, that it took me quite a while for it to sink in that it was, in fact, a surprise party and that it did, in fact, have anything to do with my birthday. bean had to say several times, "it's a surprise party. for you." and i had to see this:

and catch a glimpse of all of these nice people in my kitchen:

before i stopped standing, confused, in the doorway like this:

m did such a wonderful job setting it all up and making it all secret and everything! my friend the dancer lady took me out for a scrumptious dinner at the-thai-place-next-to-joe's-smoke-shop-and-across-the-street-from-video-expo, and even though i glimpsed some suspicious cars in the neighborhood when she brought me home, i was as clueless as you might hope the victim of a surprise party would be. my family knows it's true, since i left a sink full of dirty dishes in my wake when i went out with the dancer (they cleaned them up). it was a fun party!!

and boy did i rake in the presents. perhaps i'll give them a blog post all their own. now i'm off to have a cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

And a fine party it was! In fact, your whole birthday weekend was fun for me, and I've been meaning to get a picture of the girl on crutches, so here it is on your blog for my viewing pleasure! Happy Birthday!!

pixiegenne said...

happy birthday! what a sweet family you have.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful day for you! is the new decade as wonderful as i imagine it to be? by the way, you look about 25 in that picure! ...sorry i didn't get to the phone to give you a ring yesterday...much love to you on this, the day AFTER your birthday!