Saturday, October 27, 2007


i got to cash in a birthday gift certificate today. vicky took me to soak, where we were pampered, soaked, and massaged until we dissolved into relaxed states of bliss. we were perched on a comfy couch, our feet immersed in big basins of sudsy, fragrant, hot water (my favorite part was the smooth stones on the bottom of the basin -- it was like walking on the beach, if the ocean water were steamy and almond-smelling). then we had 40-minute hot stone foot and calf massages, while being served tea and snacks. i know, it's like a fantasy of 40 perfect minutes, right? when the foot basins appeared, i planned on snapping a photo with my - ahem - iphone, to document the experience, but i was instantly so relaxed that i utterly forgot. what an amazing birthday gift!!!


Anonymous said...

that sounds lovely!!!!

Mary said...

I want to go there with you - maybe we can do this at Christmas time with Ellen ?

Liz Woodbury said...