Thursday, September 20, 2007


forgive my erratic blogging, dear readers, but this week i've been mourning the loss of our beloved scooby doo, which until his recent and rapid demise, was the perfect car for us. scooby took us where we needed to go; he was sporty and low-key, but secretly kinda fancy; he was a hand me down from my sweet brother and his sweet family; he had a groovy name; his all wheel drive came in handy when parking in the badly plowed streets of portland round about january; he had heated seats that felt so nice on our frozen butts in the wintertime. i could go on and on -- i'm truly despondent about the loss of this particular car. of course, i'm also despondent about our now utter lack of ANY car, but that's a whole other story!!

r.i.p. scooby doo (1998-2007)

cause of death: remember that sound i mentioned? thump/floppy floppy? that was some cable or something snapping, also some belts, and everything flopping around and bending stuff. in layman's terms.


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