Friday, September 21, 2007

the latest

i love this somewhat impromptu jack spade fashion show -- they enlisted random passers-by to walk a pseudo-runway carrying jack spade bags.

did you hear that 826 boston's front is going to be a cryptozoology supply store?!

the current front runner in the exciting competition we like to call "what the heck kind of car should we get now?" our goal is to find one that costs nothing beyond the monthly car loan payment. and gas. used hyundais come with what's left of their 100,000 mile warranties -- sounds good to me!

and if you're wondering how a semi-suburban family of four gets along without a car, the answer is: angels came and loaned us their cars! i did manage to put my bad, bad mojo on the second borrowed car, my friend vicky's suv, which overheated on my way back from delivering bean to the bus stop (again, thankfully, NOT on the highway). so far, heather and matt's passat wagon (borrowed last weekend) and mama d's sedan (kindly delivered last night) are still running.

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