Wednesday, September 05, 2007


you may think i've been lying around weeping and lamenting the end of the summer, and you'd have been right, except that my great friend grace came to visit with her family. i knew grace at wellesley (in a former life), and we hadn't seen each other for about thirteen years (i thought it had been even longer, but grace remembered meeting a baby bean). mostly, we picture each other at around age eighteen, so i think we were both a little freaked out at the thought of getting together as grownups! or, in my case, "grownups." happily, she is still grace, and i am still me, and it was amazing and wonderful to spend a couple of days with her, her husband eric, and their three beautiful kids. we also got to impress them with some quintessentially gorgeous late summer maine weather.

we parked at crescent beach and walked to kettle cove. the air was cool, but the water felt surprisingly warm on our feet (well, to those of us who live in maine anyway). above, bean and i chat with grace.

eric and parker gaze into each other's eyes.

parker is so cute it's almost dangerous.

grace and boo on the beach.

grace's big girl, mia, and my big girl, bean!

on tuesday, grace brought over a huge bag of baked goods from standard baking company and i made us coffee, and we took it all up to wolf's neck state park for a brunchy picnic.

philip scaling the rocks at wolf's neck.

mia gets all meta (a photo of a photo being taken by m).


Anonymous said...

I remember Grace, from your suite at Wellesley! (Did she go to the Jimmy Cliff/ Steve Winwood concert?)

What fun to see her, grown up, with her family on a beach in Maine!


Liz Woodbury said...

i'll have to ask her if she was at that concert with us... i can't remember! she also remembers you and mom very fondly.

Mary said...

awwww...I remember her fondly, too ! Didn't even know you were in touch. How great to spend all that family time together !