Thursday, August 02, 2007

parker posey

well, i love her -- bean actually "met" her once in new york (spotted her walking her dog, bravely approached her and chatted with her, obtained her autograph. she was very nice, by the way). we went to see broken english last night at the movies with dancer lady, artemis, and that crazy guinea pig-lovin girl. it wasn't perfect, but it really was a fun movie -- sweet and funny, and starring parker posey. i'm positive she was wearing all her own clothes in this film, and she is my style idol. i got all excited every time she changed outfits.

we finally checked out north star cafe last night as well, and we really liked it. they always have a vegan soup and a vegan baked good, and a great salad/sandwich and coffee/tea menu. they might be interested in buying my cupcakes, too!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Go Liz! And I DO recommend Broken English to anyone who loves Parker Posey. She is really funny and it IS sweet. The only draw-back is her obvious drinking problem, but other than that, GO WATCH IT!


margot said...

yes, i agree. it's a good movie. the drinking didn't bother me that much, although i grew tired of wine in every scene. i thought it was interesting how they didn't address it at all.